Intelligent Battery Swapping Cabinet

Product Description This product is an intelligent terminal device, aiming to solve the problem of low-speed electric vehicle battery charging and swapping. OVES intelligent battery-swapping cabinet is composed of a series of cabinet control boards (including a cabinet control system), a charging module, a fire extinguisher, a cabinet body, and other intelligent devices. It can monitor the changes in current, voltage, power, and surrounding environment in the whole charging process in real-time, and determine whether there is any abnormality intelligently. In case of any abnormal phenomenon, stop charging immediately and notify the device operation and maintenance management personnel to handle the problem in time, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of potential safety risks during charging. Users can find the nearby battery swapping cabinet through the WeChat programs on the mobile phone, and scan the code for battery swap with the human-computer interaction interface of the battery swapping cabinet. The battery swapping cabinet has functions such as intelligent battery identification (BMS supports handshake communication protocol). System Framework The system framework consists of a mobile user mini-program, charging and swapping cloud platform, battery swapping cabinet (including cabinet control system and charging module), swapping battery (including BMS), operation and maintenance mini-program, etc.

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